Why Your Cell Phone is a Dangerous Weapon (and how to protect yourself)

Why Your Cell Phone is a Dangerous Weapon (and how to protect yourself)

When most people think of a “dangerous weapon,” they think of some kind of gun.

But a gun isn’t something you need to protect yourself against; it’s a tool you use to protect yourself from others.

Cell phones, on the other hand, are a “dangerous weapon” that can put you at risk every day.

Are you confused? Let me explain.

Texting and driving!

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), driving a vehicle while texting is six times more dangerous than drunk driving.

                This statistic is mind-blowing.

 EVERYONE has had a texting and driving moment!

I’ve not talked to one person who, if honest, won’t admit to texting and driving and almost either a) getting in a crash, or b) running someone over on the side of the road who was jogging or riding a bike.

Yet nearly everyone that has had one of these episodes continues to text and drive.

Protecting your assets from your cell phone

What’s at risk if you are at fault in a car accident (say you harm a doctor driving to work who makes $250,000 a year)?

Almost EVERYTHING you own!

                -Your brokerage account
                -Your vacation condo/home
                -Potentially your personal residence (depends on the state)
                -Potentially your IRA (individual retirement account (it depends on the state))
                -All other valuable assets

If the assets listed above are titled in your own name and/or that of a spouse, they ARE at risk!

How can you protect your assets from your own texting and driving?

                By implementing an “asset protection plan.”

What is an asset protection plan?

It’s a plan that makes sure your assets are titled properly so they will not be at risk of loss in a negligent driving case (or to other types of creditors)

 What tools are used in a proper asset protection plan?

The bread and butter domestic asset protection tool is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). They are easy and relatively inexpensive to set up and maintain.

But there are other tools that can be used as well.

Asset Protection Assessment

Would you like to know specifically what assets of yours are NOT protected?

Would you like a blueprint/plan for how to protect your assets?

What I do as part of my offering to clients is to assess their situation from an asset protection point of view and help design a plan for them so their assets are protected not only from their cell phone but from other creditors as well

Let’s set up a time to talk….

In a brief phone call, I can assess your situation and start a discussion about the proper tools available to protect your assets.

You can call me directly at (704) 464-2426 or email me at bill@retirestronger.net and set up a time for a call.

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